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The activities of this collection in the paint industry began in 1320 with the import of paint. In 1981, this group entered the field of industrial production with the production of alkyd and plastic paints, and in 2001, as a leader in the production of acrylic or water-based paints in Iran, with a new brand of paint, it expanded the scope of its activities. New paint coating in order to achieve its two main goals, namely removing harmful solvent-based paints and replacing water-based paints that are compatible with the country’s climate and also launching a computer paint combination system with technology transfer and technical knowledge from two companies thecno plan Germany cps color The Netherlands established the first computer acrylic paint production center in the paint market. The composition and fabrication of paint was done traditionally and manually, by adding and subtracting white and some main colors, the most important drawback of which is the unrepeatability and limited color variety. . New Color Company for the first time with the introduction of computer color combination devices in 2000 AD has provided a bed for the production of more than twenty thousand colors. New Color by using experienced and specialized engineers and by setting up a quality control unit (Qc) always The quality of its products is tested and controlled before packaging and presentation to the market. So far, this company has succeeded in obtaining ISO 10004 and ISO 9001 standards from the European Union. New color industrial factory with the most up-to-date industrial tools and equipment , Has a nominal daily production capacity of more than twenty tons of paint. The company produces various paints for facades and interiors, artistic paints, washable varnishes, restorative concrete adhesives, silicone coatings, coating liners, white waterproofing ( New Zealand), acrylic putty, twelve types of metallic paints and various types of oil paints meet the needs of consumers.

The company’s experts in sales engineering and after-sales service units, by creating communication mechanisms with customers, by providing technical advice, inspection and training needed by employers, contractors and inspectors active in the field of paint, try to improve (quality level of coatings) To play a constructive role in the projects of our dear country. The company is ready to provide services in 30 active agencies and equipped with computer paint mixing devices throughout the country and also in 500 paint stores.

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New Color Company Policy

New Color Company has an executive department for better customer service. This section includes prominent and committed executors who have the ability to apply the color of the building (interior and facade) in the shortest possible time. Just call 88435359 or 88400481. First, the relevant expert prepares an accurate impression of the meter and then calculates the cost price and coordinates the time and date of execution with the relevant owner with the coordination of the employer.

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