New color building paint combination

No Rang Pooshesh Company in order to achieve its two main goals, namely the elimination of harmful solvent-based paints and the replacement of water-based paints compatible with the country’s weather conditions, as well as launching a computer-based paint mixing system by transferring technology and technical knowledge from Two companies, thecno plan of Germany and cps color of the Netherlands, established the first computer acrylic paint production center in the paint market. The combination and manufacture of paint was done traditionally and manually, by adding and subtracting white and some main colors, the most important drawback of which is the method. , Is the unrepeatability and limitation of color diversity With the establishment of the building paint system for the first time in 2000, a bed was provided for the production of more than twenty thousand paints in Iran. New paint always uses the quality of its products before closing. Controls.

Buy new building paint

In recent years, paint companies have tried to produce paints that can make the interior and facade of the building out of uniformity. For many years now, oil or plastic paints, which have been traditionally made and applied in a limited variety of colors, have been used to decorate buildings. In recent years, the color of interior and exterior buildings has become very diverse and attractive in terms of texture and color shades. Among the new building colors that create a special texture are cellulose or Belka paints, which are used in interior surfaces according to the customer’s taste or the designer’s art. These paints are not washable and if we want to replace it with another paint or coating after a while, it will not be easily removed. New building paints are another multi-color

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New building painting designs

Today, designers pay more attention to people’s tastes and spirits than anything else. Of course, each of us has ideas about our favorite color, and these ideas are the best guide for choosing the set of colors that you can use in painting your building. But we must be careful to coordinate the exact color of the building to The aesthetic point of view should be eye-catching. The easiest way to decorate a room is to use a monochrome design. In this case, take a color shade and use a lighter value in the color cycle to the center of the circle and a darker value in the color cycle to the perimeter of the circle to create a layered effect. Harmony scheme of contrasting colors. The color cycles are placed opposite each other to combine

Principles of painting a variety of residential buildings

The painting steps are briefly described below.
Sand the surface to remove dust and dirt and remove imperfections. If you need to putty, first open the small cracks with a spatula, clean the pollen and then apply a coat of primer on the cracks and In the end, putty is done. After the putty dries, one coat of primer is applied on the work. We cover the sockets, frames, window frames, etc. with paper glue. If our surface has not been painted before, first one coat of primer is applied on it. This is necessary because it causes the adhesion of building paint to the surface and also reduces the consumption of paint. Finally, we apply the desired paint on the surface.

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